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become a proprietary trader

Futures traders wanted!

We are a Skills accelerator.

We scout, develop and fund traders in our live, supervised, professional trading ecosystem. 

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Level the Playing Field

Trade like a pro, with a dedicated trade desk at your back.  TRADERBAY frees up your mental bandwidth and emotional capital to focus on your process.

Pro Trader Career Path

We will incrementally broaden your trading limits, provide market context and an actionable daily trade playbook to help you build capital and grow into a pro trader.

Find  Your Edge

TRADERBAY provides you with a comprehensive, optimized canvas, to find, perfect and cost effectively deploy your trading strategy and thrive as a professional trader

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funded trading program

Trade our Capital

TRADERBAY has developed a unique multi-step, target driven proprietary trading program... and made it easily accessible to all.

Successful candidates access a 4 months Live Trading Incubator*

* Incubator inductees pay their membership fees during Incubator phase. Trader Bay covers membership fees of Pro-Traders.


Take the FREE Challenge


The 2-week trial is there to help you get acquainted with our supervised trading ecosystem.  Use it to see what a difference it makes to your performance.

 Prove your skills in Simulator


Once familiar with our ecosystem, start your journey towards a professional trading by joining the Simulator and hitting the minimum targets.

Join the Live Incubator


When you clear the Simulator minimum target, you unlock admission to trading MES, MNQ and M2K live in the Incubator.  You are now on your way.

trading skills accelerator

Get funded & Grow your skills

.01 Duration
1 month
4 - 6 months
6 - 9 months
.02 Account type
Simulator - MES, MNQ, M2K
Live - MES, MNQ, M2K
Live - ES, NQ, RTY
.03 Minimum Trading Days
18 days
18 days/month
18 days/month
.04 Daily Max Loss
$ 140
starts at $ 140
starts at $ 1,200
.05 Commission All-In per Side
$ 0.625
$ 0.50
second to none
.06 Level Max Loss
$ 500
starts at $ 500
starts at $ 4,800
.07 Profit Target
$ 330
starts at $ 525
starts at $ 4,800
.08 Account Balance
starts at $ 700
starts at $ 700
starts at $ 6,000

Hit the minimum target in Simulator to unlock access to Incubator. 

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Why TraderBay?

We provide cutting-edge trading tools, processes, support, analytics & hands-on coaching.

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Supervised Pro Trading Eco-system

TRADERBAY lets you trade like a pro.  Access our full service risk-desk and live dynamic risk management architecture, while using the trading execution platform of your choice (as long as it connects to Rithmic).

Market Context & Actionable Playbook Daily

Receive daily detailed market context, actionable pre-market playbook and customized risk letters.

Weekly performance reviews

Along with our Risk Management, Analytics and Journaling, you are now part of our Trader Support & Development Program, with personalized weekly reviews and a Supervisor on call-back during RTH.

Ultra low execution latency & Exceptional commissions

TRADERBAY's data feed and execution is powered by Rhitmic, offering unrivalled low latency and throughput performance.  Also get to trade at our exceptional rates, starting with MES, MNQ and M2K at $0.50 all-in in Incubator. 

Take the pain out of trading

We have been there and know how emotionally-demanding our business can sometimes be.  TraderBay is here to watch your back, and provide you with the support structure you need to grow as a professional trader.

Target Incentives & Access to partner deals

Keep hitting your Incubator Targets and TRADERBAY will pay for your Pro data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro.  Exceed Targets, and unlock exclusive bonuses.  Also get the best deal out there on execution platforms, live news and more.

simple prices... no surprises.

Membership fees

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integrated trade reports & analytics

Built for traders

The new starting TRADERBAY Account (you trade substantially the same starting account in both Simulator and Incubator) is designed to provide effective optimum learning scope and growth potential at the lowest cost possible to the trader.

Advance on your professional trading journey and access TRADERBAY's exceptionally low commission structure.

Check out FAQs for why TRADERBAY is above and beyond other funded trader programs.

expert trading support

Dedicated Supervisor

We love trading, we Talk about it, we Dream about it, we Joke about it... and sometimes we Cry about it too.


Let us be upfront...  your Journey won't be easy! 

Trading is skills as much as emotions, focus and instinct, restraint and action, and we all know how easy it is to succumb to the rush of the moment. 

Your Trading Supervisor will monitor your processes, implement strict safeguards and structure risk and money management.

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improve your odds & trade with confidence

Go Long You & save the treadmill for the gym

The secret is the ability to see the market in context - and trigger sound and high R/R trading decisions accordingly.  Context and execution are all that matters.  The forest behind the tree.   The reality however is only 5% of traders on average actually make money consistently.  Trading consistently is a very elusive pursuit unless you get proper Funding, Tools, Support and Environment.  We have been there.  

TRADERBAY support processes are a game-changer for retail traders.  We tackle every single critical success factor.  Our dedicated Risk Management for instance, enables you to stay in the game.  Not turning a papercut into a severed head, is crucial to succeed in trading.

TRADERBAY is here to help you be the 5%.  And eventually turn that 5% into 10, 15 or 20%. 

Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

How to start?

It all starts by taking the Simulator. That is effectively where you get to refine your startegy and hone your execution. Hit the challenging yet attainable target and you will get an offer to join our Incubator at ($300).


TraderBay is a US-incorporated Proprietary Trading Firm combining the experience, processes and work-ethic of a team of veteran traders and the infrastructure, systems and expertise of futures and derivatives industry leaders. Our primary partners include Rithmic, Stage 5 and Dorman Trading. TraderBay truly levels the playing field for active retail futures traders, by providing a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services, until now the preserve of a select few at institutional desks. Not only is TraderBay legit, we are our own first customers, and we believe that TraderBay is the best thing that has happened to retail traders in this space for a long-time.


TRADERBAY is an ecosystem for Futures Traders that tackles every single critical success factor, including technology, dedicated dynamic risk and sizing management, performance analysis, accountability and mental resilience. TRADERBAY provides aspiring professional traders with both fertile ground and a solid road map to thrive. TRADERBAY scouts and develops top trader talent. Our program consists of a Simulator Challenge, leading up to a four-stage Apprenticeship program trading MES, MNQ and M2K futures, followed by a 6-stage Pro-Trader program, where you continue honing your skills and build-up capital in a comprehensive, bona-fide Proprietary Trading Firm. Profit Share: - Pro-Trader profit share is incremental - starting at 50% then 60% and 70% as you progress. - Upon successful completion of all Pro-Trader program 6-stages, receive an offer for an Associate Trader position at our sister company, with 6-figure trading account limits and 80% payout. Fees: - Simulator membership fees are $300/month. Close above $330 in PnL on Simulator and unlock admission to the Incubator live trading account for only $100. - Pro-Trader membership fees are always free.

Who can join TRADERBAY?

Everyone 18 year or older. Trading is the great equalizer and we are agnostic as to trading strategy, color, creed, gender or preference between the sheets.

How is TRADERBAY above and beyond all other funded trader programs?

TRADERBAY is the only program actually designed and optimized to improve your odds of success. This is far from always true with other funded trader programs. Beyond the human trade desk and support service we dedicate to your success and purely for argument sake, as we would be comparing apples to our orange ;), but just look at the numbers. This is what you should be comparing when shopping for a funded trader program: 1. Resilience, measured through Max Day Loss/ Max Account Loss, this tracks your ability to stay in the game and recover from a bad day. TRADERBAY Resilience ratio is 500/140= 3.6. The best other program on this measure comes in at 2.7, is more expensive and ranks much lower on the next measure (difficulty 2.5 vs. 0.66 for TRADERBAY). Other programs range from 2.5 to 1.4 on Resilience. 2. Difficulty, measured through Target/ Max Account Loss, this measures target difficulty, the lower the ratio, the more feasible the target. TRADERBAY Difficulty ratio is 330/500=0.66. The best other program on this measure comes in at 1.2 for 2.5 on Resilence vs. 3.6 for TRADERBAY. The numbers don't lie, do the math. If you have any experience trading futures, you understand why paying $300 to join TRADERBAY is a much better trade that paying $145 for a program that is twice as difficult and with very slim odds of recovery in case of one bad day. It is also clearly better than paying more than $300 for Difficulty ratios north of 2 and Resilience under 3. Besides all these programs are designed to make you slip and re-set your simulator, not TRADERBAY, we put a team of actual humans to watch your back, review your performance and actually care that, and get paid, when you succeed and do not charge for re-sets in simulator. When you go live, TRADERBAY charges you a one-time $100 as skin in the game. Other programs at best charge similar assignment fees, but more often charge full CME datafeed cost at $150+ as well as other set-up costs.

What we are NOT?

What we are NOT is a waste of your time and money. We will NOT let you kill yourself opening 15 contract positions on day 1. We will NOT throw every hoop at you to keep you Simulator indefinately. We will NOT milk you on re-set fees in Simulator.

What we are?

Think of us as a cost-effective supervised playground for you to develop as a trader. We provide a road-map, dedicated dynamic human risk and support desks, daily context and actionable trading playbook, weekly reviews, dashboard and journal, in addition to funding, community and access to the industry's best tools and services at the best prices (including brokerage, platforms and news). We are as passionate as you are about trading and are our own first clients.

How to compare funded trader programs?

Side-stepping considerations of actual service and support availability, business-model alignment and goofy, not to say destructive contract size limits, when chosing a funded trader program, make sure you track 2 key metrics, namely: 1. Resilience, i.e. how solid is your ship, measured as follows: Day Loss Limit/ Max Loss Limit - 2. Difficulty, i.e. how far is your destination, measured as follows: Target/Max Loss Limit. TRADERBAY Simulator stands at 3.6 and 66% respectively. Get out your calculator when shopping ;)


What happens when I hit Simulator minimum targets?

When you have traded a minimum 18 days of the Simulator and closed above the target of $300, you get an offer to join our Incubator program live trading MES, MNQ and M2K at $0.50 per side all-in, on our virtual trading floor at a rate of $100 (skin in the game ;)). The Incubator Starting Account is set to $700 in Starting Balance, Day Loss Limit starts at $140, Incubator Loss Limit at $500 and first stage preset target is $500. The Incubator account includes one month of professional datafeed and Rithmic Trader Pro. These fees are debited from the account after that. TraderBay will cover these fees as long as you hit your Incubator targets. The incubator account is also subject to a desk fee that starts at $4 per day traded, debited weekly, and an account liquidation fee equivalent to $200 (re-skin in the game). Candidates successfully completing all four-stages Incubator targets are offered the choice between a $3,000 cash payout, no questions asked, or a position in the Pro-Trader program, starting with a $6,000 Balance for a target of $4,800 and incremental profit share starting at 50% of profits.

What happens if I do not reach Simulator targets?

Should you not reach the Incubator admission target during your Simulator round, you will receive feedback from your trading supervisor on areas you need to work on and a road map to do so. Take your time to study your dashboard analytics and supervisor feedback. Your Simulator account will renew automatically for a maximum of 3 months.

Which instruments can I trade and what strategies am I allowed to use?

We are agnostic as far as trading strategy is concerned. You find what works for you, just stick to our framework. You are free to trade MES, MNQ or M2K during both the Simulator and the Incubator, and ES, NQ and RTY after that. You are free to use any other platform you may choose as long as it connects to Rithmic data. Allowed trading hours are from London cash open to New York cash close. Automated trading strategies are supported, but please reach out to as this entails additional data feed costs.

What does 'Trade 18 days' mean?

You need to trade at least 18 days of the 20+day Simulator. A trading day is defined as a day where at least one position is entered and exited. This: - Proves to yourself and TraderBay that your performance is consistent. - Provides you and Traderay with enough information to evaluate your trading. - Gives you the opportunity to test your strategy across differet market conditions.

What happens at the end of the Simulator?

Accounts are automatically reviewed at the end of the Simulator. If you have reached or exceeded the target, you will receive your Incubator offer at the applicable rate. If you have not reached your target, please reach out to your supervisor for a feedack session. Then please take the time to examine and address problem areas. Once you have done this, you are free to join our supervised pro-simulator for another month to perfect your skills and keep growing as a trader.

What happens when I breach my Simulator Limits?

Breaching your Daily Loss limit will NOT affect Funding Eligibility, do however take the time to study your dashboard to identify problem areas, and implement supervisor recommendations to remedy counter-productive behavior.
Should you breach your Account Loss limit (set at $500), your account will lock for 48 hours, for you to discuss your performance with your Supervisor, who will then re-set and unlock your account for you to start-over.


When and what products can I trade?

During the Simulator and the Incubator, you will trade MES, MNQ and M2K futures. Starting in the Trader phase, you will trade ES, NQ and RTY futures. Incubator commissions are very competitive at $0.50 all-in per side. All positions must be closed prior to 3:10 PM CT. You can then restart trading at 2:00 AM CT at the London Cash Open. All traders only trade the “front” (most liquid/highest volume) contract month for all products. Why it is Important: - You should only be exposed to risk when you are able to get in and out of the market - You need to know your product intimately, including knowing when the market opens and closes - We provide a level playing field to all. We all trade the same thing at the same time using the same tools. That’s how we roll ☺.

What is the Daily Loss Limit?

Your Net P&L cannot hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit at any point during the trading day. If at any time your Net P&L exceeds this threshold open positions will be flattened, pending orders canceled, and your account prevented from placing any new trades until cleared by your supervisor. - The Daily Loss Limit is based on the trading day’s Net P&L, net of commissions, and both unrealized and realized trade P&L values. - We recommend that you refer to your TraderBay insights dashboard to accurately monitor Net P&L. - This rule is updated at the end of each active trading. This is Important, because: - Adhering to a loss limit instills discipline and proper risk management; - At a given point, you need to call a bad day, a bad day (we all have them): - It allows you to live to trade another day, the markets will be there tomorrow: and - Losses are emotional, emotions affect decision making.

What happens if I exceed my Daily Loss Limit?

Your position will be flattened should you hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit. Your trade supervisor will contact you to discuss your day’s performance and decide how and when you can resume trading.

What is the Maximum Loss Limit?

Your Simulator and Incubator accounts are subject to a maximum loss limit that starts at $500. If at any time your Net P&L exceeds this threhold, open positions will be flattened, pending orders canceled, and your account prevented from placing any new trades until cleared by your supervisor. Incubator accounts here are subject to a liquidation fee that starts at $200.

What releases do I need to be flat for?

Economic releases cause extreme volatility and large price swings, and are therefore very difficult to trade consistently and profitably. As such, traders should not have open positions from one (1) minute before until three (3) minutes after major economic releases, as per our calendar.* Please refer to the economic calendar in your TaderBay insights dashboard. *Pending Abbreviated Trading Hours. Times are subject to change without notice, Traders are responsible for being aware of what economic releases apply to their accounts and when these occur.

How does Sizing work?

Your account is subject to the following margin requirements: MES and M2K - $200; MNQ - $250. We recommend checking your trade dashboard each day after it is updated at 9 pm CT to identify the number of contracts your account is eligible to trade during the next session. This is Important, as it: - Acts as a guide on how to responsibly leverage a growing account; and - Over-leveraging causes the most damage to long-term success.

How do withdrawals work in the Funded Account program?

Your payout will be made automatically by wire 3 business days from reference period close. You may opt to close your TraderBay account and your current profit-share paid out by wire within 7 business days from account closure confirmation... No Questions Asked.

What does my Incubator membership include

You unlock Incubator admission upon hitting minimum targets in Simulator. At this point you pay $100 to activate your Live Trading Incubator account which TraderBay will fund to the tune of $700. Your Incubator membership thereby includes a trading account with a starting balance of $700 and one month of professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro. These costs will be debited from the account starting in month 2. TraderBay will cover your professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro as long as you reach your pre-set target. Commissions are $0.50 all-in per side on MES, MNQ and M2K. Your Incubator account is subject to a desk fee per day traded that starts at $4. Your Incubator account is also subject to a liquidation fee that starts at $200.

What happens if I hit my Incubator Max Loss

Should you hit the max loss threshold on your Incubator account, you will be subject to the liquidation fee. A re-set package including 2 extensive sessions with your Supervisor and 5 days of Simulator to be vetted by your Supervisor before resumption of live trading, one month of Rithmic professional datafeed and Rithmic Trader Pro, along with $700 in trading balance is available to you for $799.