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Trading Skills Accelerator

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TraderBay is a skills accelerator that focuses on futures trading.

We recruit and train traders that want to turn a hobby into a profession, and introduce successful candidates to real-life, supervised, professional trading.  We provide cutting-edge trading tools, processes, support and analytics, as well as hands-on trading throughout the selection process. 

 Participants who successfully complete our 2-week challenge evaluation, will receive a guaranteed offer from TraderBay and a funded account to start trading.

Join our Crew of seasoned professional traders.

... and choose your start date from the available slots!

Take Charge of Your Future

our secret sauce...

Let us be upfront... there really is no secret to what we do!

Trading is skills as much as emotions, focus and self discipline, restraint and action, and we all know how easy it is to succumb to the rush of the moment.  Optimal trading outcomes are a combination of planned behaviour, strict safeguards and a genuine drive to achieve financial success.

We will help you set profitability targets, manage funds astutely, withdraw regular and calculated income, while operating under professional supervision.

We Win... When You Win

our mission is to build a true Meritocracy!

TraderBay is a real-life training ground for success driven Traders... and much more! 

We Love Trading.  It pretty much is Our Life!

We talk about it,  We dream about it,  We joke about it...  and sometimes We cry about it.

To us, Trading is about opportunities: the opportunity to build a better life for ourselves, the opportunity to attain professional success, and the opportunity to create a community, that by nature, is driven by the merits of each of its members... regardless of creed, gender, beliefs or looks.

TraderBay is Our opportunity to nurture our relentless passion for trading, help our crew maintain emotional discipline and a winning spirit, and shine light on a very exciting and fulfilling career path.