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take charge of your future


Trading is full-contact sport.  You need somebody in your corner.

Let TRADERBAY watch your back and chart the path for you to focus on elevating your trade.

Take the first step towards your career as a Professional Prop Futures Trader today.

Prove your skills on a level playing field

The Simulator runs for a month, giving you 20 trading days to showcase your skills and earn your spot in the Incubator.  Trade as part of team with a dedicated risk desk in your corner. 

Trade... don't gamble

Trade MES, MNQ and M2K futures during Europe and US RTH.  Your account is designed for your optimum development at the lowest cost to you.  TRADERBAY will provide market context and trade playbook daily.

Unlock your live Incubator spot

Stick to you trading plan, stay attentive to your levels and market generated information and unroll your process.  You execute, we will watch your risk and performance.  It is easier with someone on your side.

your best trade

Try it Free for 2 weeks

The TRADERBAY Simulator is the first step of the Funded program. You need to succeed here to advance to access the Incubator.  Not only is trading a full-contact sport, we find it is also a team sport...  TRADERBAY is here to free-up your mental bandwidth and emotional capital, to elevate your trading performance.

registrations open Nov 22 2021

Test the waters


Sign-up for your trail today to test-drive our pathway towards becoming a professional futures prop trader.


Register for Simulator

When you feel you are ready, join the Simulator.

Remember we are always here to watch your back and nurture your development as a trader.

Start your Journey


Let TRADERBAY manage your risk, help you with market context, recommend trades for the day and generally provide the support structure for you to succeed.


Futures trading execution platform

We chose the new EdgeProX as TraderBay's default trading platform , it's fast, reliable, packed with great features.

Ultra low execution latency

TraderBay's default execution feeds are powered by Rhitmic, offering unrivalled low latency and throughput performance

TRADERBAY charts out your trading career

Evaluation parameters

TRADERBAY operates along 3 simple rules, enabling traders maximum flexibility in selecting and implementing trading strategies.

While we expect you to reach set profit targets... evaluators will also review your trading behavior, discipline and commitment to achieving success.

Trade with confidence


Your Starting Balance is $700, Day Loss Limit starts at $140 and margins are set at $200 for MES and M2K and $250 for MNQ. 

Trade regularly


Trade the minimum 15 days in Simulator.  A trading day is defined as a day when at least one trade is executed (in and out).

Rock the boat!


Your Target is $330.  Hit it without breaking any of our simple rules and you've unlocked your spot in the Incubator.

get ready

Understand the rules.

- You will be trading MES, MNQ and M2K futures during Europe & US Regular Trading Hours.

- Your application will be deemed Unsuccessful if, during the Simulator, you exceed your Account Stop Loss.  Your account will automatically lock.  Reach out to your Supervisor to unlock.

- Exceeding you Daily Loss will trigger account lock for the rest of the trading day, but will not affect your Simulator eligibility.

- Show consistency! You must execute at least one trade a day for 18 days during the Simulator.

Starting balance


Your starts account balance is $700


Loss Limits

Your Day Loss Limit starts at $140, Max Challenge Loss Limit at $500 and Maximum Trailing Drawdown at $700



Simulator commissions are set to $0,625 all-in per side on MES, MNQ and M2K.


Max Size

$200 margin per lot MES and M2K, $250 margin per lot MNQ


Minimum Trading Days

Trade a minimum of 15 days out of 20


Profit target - PnL

Your Profit Target is $330

All trading accounts are "wired" to deliver pre-emptive warnings and trigger automatic suspensions when exceeding pre-set trading limits.  You will still be able to review past trades and analytics.  Your Supervisor will also reach out to highlight critical issues.

Please Note:


  • Your Incubator one-time membership fees, currently just $100 towards your first professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro, gives you skin in the game, there are no other hidden costs. 

  • Once you become a Pro-Trader, TRADERBAY will wave 100% of your membership fees.        

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trade with confidence

Save the Treadmill for the Gym, Go Long You!

The secret is to see the market in context - and trigger sound, high R/R trading decisions accordingly.  Context and execution are all that matters.  The forest behind the tree.   The reality however is only 5% of traders on average actually make money consistently.  Trading consistently is a very elusive pursuit unless you get proper Funding, Tools, Support and Environment.  We have been there.  

TRADERBAY support processes are a game-changer for retail traders.  We tackle every single critical success factor.  Our dedicated Risk Management for instance, enables you to stay in the game.  Not turning a papercut into a severed head, is crucial to succeed in trading.

TRADERBAY is here to help you be the 5%.  And eventually turn that 5% into 10 or 20%. 

execution meets informed decision

Professional grade tools

Not only is trading a full-contact sport, it is best played as a team. 

TRADERBAY is the canvas to chart your pro-trading career.  We are there for you at every step along the way.

TRADERBAY can provide you with the best deals out-there on leading execution platforms, live news service and more.