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Incubator Program

You have graduated from the Simulator unlocking access to the Incubator,  Pay your Incubator membership fee to access your live trading account with a starting balance of $700.

Start trading real money... Establish your track record

And Build-up capital!

Remain profitable

The Incubator runs for a minimum 4 months, and comprises four stages, each with its own target.  The ultimate target is to get your account value above $6,000.

Trade a Live account

Your Incubator runs on a Live account.  Trade MES, MNQ and M2K futures at $0.50 all-in per side, during Europe and US RTH, with a dedicated risk desk at your back.

Establish your track record

Establish you track-record in a process and performance-driven environment, among a pool of like-minded pros.

charted career path & pro-grade trading performance support

Build your trading capital

Upon graduating from the Simulator, you unlock access to the Incubator program.  All along this stage of program, you will focus on building capital and establishing track-record.  The Incubator consists of 4 milestones (minimum 4 months), and the ultimate goal is to grow your account to $7,000. 


Stage 1

The first stage of the Incubator mirrors conditions set for the Challenge, but this time you trade real money.


Stage 2

Your trading limits and targets will increase exponentially, setting you on a path towards a sustainable trading career. 


Stage 3

This is the capital consolidation stage, keep on deploying your strategy consistently, to build capital and track-record.


Stage 4

Upon hitting the final target, your supervisor will unlock access to the Pro-trader program.

.01 Account type
Live MES, MNQ, M2K - 3 lots start
Live MES, MNQ, M2K - 6 Lots start
Live MES, MNQ, M2K - 10 lots start
Live MES, MNQ, M2K - 18 lots start
.02 Starting balance
$ 700
$ 1225
$ 2,185
$ 3,935
.03 Profit Target
$ 525
$ 960
$ 1,750
$ 3,130
.04 Day Max Loss
$ 140
$ 245
$ 435
$ 785
.05 Max Level Drawdown
$ 500
$ 875
$ 1,560
$ 2,810
.06 All-in Cost per Side
$ 0.50
$ 0.50
$ 0.50
$ 0.50
.07 Minimum Trading Days
.08 Starting desk fee per day
$ 3.50
$ 7
$ 11
$ 20

At Incubator end, successful candidates have a choice to make, take a $3,500 cash payout, no questions asked, or get a $7,000 Pro-Trader account to trade regular E-mini futures at a starting 50% profit share, and effectively start trading for a living on our Pro trader Team

We've got your back


We won't let you go unhinged ;).  Your Day stop-loss starts at $140 and margin settings are $200 per lot on MES and M2K and $250 on MNQ. 

Trade regularly


You must open at least one position in 18 trading days during Incubator.  A trading day is defined as a day when at least one trade is executed.

Trade consistently


Your Incubator comprises 4 challenging yet attainable profit targets.  Hit these without breaking any of our rules to join our Pro Trader team.

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truly geared towards your development as a trader

Your TraderBay Incubator Account

Your account is designed to provide effective optimum learning and growth potential at the lowest cost possible to the trader and a very favorable commission structure.  Your Incubator Starting Account is set to $700 in Starting Balance.  Day Loss Limit starts at $140, Incubator Loss Limit at $500 and first stage target is $525.

The Incubator account includes one month of professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro.  These fees are debited from the account after that.  Hit your Incubator target and TRADERBAY will cover your professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro.  The Incubator account is also subject to a desk fee that starts at $3.50 per day traded, debited weekly, and an account liquidation fee starting at $200.


Futures trading execution platform

We chose the new EdgeProX as TraderBay's default trading platform , it's fast, reliable, packed with great features.

Ultra low execution latency

TraderBay's default execution feeds are powered by Rhitmic, offering unrivalled low latency and throughput performance

 trade with the pros

What's next?

TRADERBAY operates along 3 simple rules, enabling our traders maximum flexibility in selecting and implementing trading strategies.

While we expect you to reach set profit targets... your Supervisor will keep track of your performance, discipline and work-ethic on your journey to the pros.