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Membership Fees

REMEMBER: TRADERBAY won't request payment details to join our  2 week Free Trial. 

Successful Simulator candidates unlock access to Live Incubator.

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Incubator live trading MES, MNQ and M2K at $0.50 all-in per side

Applicable fees - live account

​The Incubator Starting Account is set to $700 in Starting Balance, Day Loss Limit starts at $140, Incubator Loss Limit at $500 and first stage preset target is $525.  Professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro are included for 1 month.  You will need to pay a $100 fee for Live Incubator account activation.  That will give you skin in the game.  Others fees debited from account:

  • Starting account liquidation fee $200, debited when applicable 

  • Starting desk fee per day traded $3.50, debited weekly 

  • Professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro paid by TRADERBAY if you hit Incubator target

  • Professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro applicable as of month 2

Funded Trading Account Starting Balance $700

Comprehensive Market Context & Actionable Playbook Daily!

Live Dedicated Risk Desk (with actual humans of the trade veteran variety) Europe & US RTH

Performance Analysis, Journaling & Insights

Weekly Accountability 1-on-1 and detailed review with Supervisor

Trade MES, MNQ & M2K Live for $0.50 all-in per side in Incubator!

Professional data-feed and Rithmic Trader Pro (Incubator)

Evening the odds for the retail trader!  For everything else, there is got to be an app out there...

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