Step 3

Understand the rules

Now that you are all set... take a moment to review and understand TraderBay's rules:

- You will be trading Micro futures during Europe & US Regular Trading Hours. 

- Your account will be suspended if, at any stage, you exceed your Account Stop Loss (Maximum Trailing Drawdown).

- Exceeding you Daily or Weekly Stop Loss will trigger account suspension for the rest of the trading day, but will not affect your eligibility to succeed when achieving your target profit.

- Don't skip "trade day"!

Day Max Loss


Your Day Loss Limit starts at $85


Week Max Loss

Your Week Max Loss Limit starts at $350 


Maximum Trailing Drawdown

Your Maximum Trailing Drawdown is set at $500


Max Size

Max. size is 2 lots.  Get 1 extra lot every $200 in PnL. 


Minimum Trading Days

Trade a minimum of 10 days


Profit target - PnL

Your Profit Target is $500

All trading accounts are "wired" to deliver pre-emptive warnings and trigger automatic suspensions when exceeding the pre-set trading parameters. You will still be able to review past trades and analytics. The Challenge supervisor will also reach out to highlight critical issues.

Please Note:

- Successful Simulator candidates will be responsible to cover own Desk fees during the Incubation stages.
- Trader Bay will subsidise the bulk of your Desk fees during Pro-trading.